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SPITSIGN was formed in the year 1996 from two bands (Paranormal and Mother Glory) in the icelandic town of Mosfellsbær. Bjössi, Bóas and Þórður Illugi (Spitsign's first bass player) were members of Paranormal and Bjarni was in Mother Glory.

Spitsign took part in the Icelandic battle of the bands (Músíktilraunir) in 1996 and won the first night of battle, and were joined by Outrage, Innvortis, Flasa, Tríó Óla Skans, Soðin fiðla, Woofer, Andhéri, Roð, Ebeneser and Drákon for the final night. Accoring to the judges the band did not win because of their english lyrics (The band being the only band that sang in english).

The band recorded 3 demo songs for the contest. [Fuckup, Physicalmindrape and P.U.M.A.] Soon after the contest Þórður Illugi quit the band to pursue other interest. While playing as a trio the band played a full house at Hitt Húsið with winners fo the Battle of the bands (Soðin Fiðla) when the drummer for a rap group Subterranean, Smári Tarfur, expressed his admiration of the band. In January the following year Smári joined the band as a guitar player.

A bass player was found, but he only played with the band for a short time, he recorded a demo and wrote "40's" and "A.K.A" with the band. The band "borrowed" Gundog's [a.k.a. Ungblóð a.k.a. FISK] bass player Ívar.

With this full lineup the band played over 40 gigs all over Iceland (including Reykjavík, Keflavík, Húsavík and more) and got more attention of the public wih one of their songs being played at the local radio station. The band got featured in the icelandic music film "Popp í Reykjavík" (along with Sigur Rós, Quarashi, Maus, Gus Gus, Botnleðja and more). More gigs followed, incluing a tribute gig for Icelandic band HAM and a powerfull gig at Undirheimar in September 1998. After this gigs Smári quit the band. The band split after the bands last gig.

Bjössi and Bjarni are now with Mínus
Bóas is now the singer in Reykjavík!
Smári has since played with Quarashi and more bands.