Dylan : Bass
Siggi : Drums
Kalli : Guitar

Betrefi was an Icelandic hardcore band, formed in Kópavogur in 1999 by guitarist Kalli and bassist Dylan. Originally Dylan was on drums but quickly switched to bass when Siggi joined as drummer. After a countless number of hopefuls, Ásgeir joined as the singer in autumn 1999, completing the line-up. Playing severel concerts in 2000 and 2001, including the Ringulreið concert in 2000 and Akfest II in the town of Akranes. Betrefi recorded a seven song demo – DOWNER – at Stúdíó Ofheyrn late 1999 and another 9 song demo – THE FLOP SYNDROME – with Jón Elvar Hafsteinsson in December 2000. The latter released on Harðkjarni Records in January 2001. After the release of The Flop Syndrome and a concert accompanying its release, Ásgeir moved abroad, leaving the band without a singer. Óli Valur was recruited as his replacement but only played live once, at Akfest II, which turned out to be the bands last show. Due to a series of rock ’n’ roll related problems the band broke up in the autumn of 2001.

The Flop Syndrome

"The Flop Syndrome"

1. 15 Seconds
2. Everything is a moot point
3. A moment of Silence [mp3]
4. Sold
5. Syll Tree
6. Zero Return
7. Act Normal
8. Ode2ODy
9. Carnival

The Flop Syndrome. Betrefi. Recorded and mixed by Jón Elvar Hafsteinsson.
Cover Dylan Kincla. Band Picture Guðný Lára.
If you want a copy then contact us via e-mail you can also contact Hardkjarni Records for more information


1. Sold
2. Orange
3. Act Normal
4. Ode2Ody
5. Carnival
6. UltraViolet
7. 15 sec.